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Posted on 10 September 2018

Straight Clinicae Template (unitary implant)

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Original author : Plantilla Clinicae 1. Centering Single Implants When we have to place an implant between two teeth, we always want to collocate it equidistant and symmetric to the gap. This template has two points with a circle in each one with different size. The smaller corresponds to a 4 mm. diameter implant and has a central hole of 2mm. which allows the initial drill, to mark the central place. The margin has incorporated the security distance of 1,5mm for the adjacent teeth. If the circle fits in the space between those teeth, we know that our implant of diameter 4mm has 1.5mm to each side. The other extreme corresponds to a 5mm. diameter implant and has the same characteristics described for the previous point. We can choose the using one diameter or the other one, 4 or 5, depending of the space between the adjacent teeth.

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