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Posted on 30 September 2019

Announcing Dental SG: The 1st Biocompatible Material for Desktop 3D Printing

Original author : Formlabs

See how Dr. Michael Scherer, DMD, MS, uses Formlabs desktop 3D printers and Dental SG Resin for surgical planning, precise implant placement, and improved patient experience. Learn more at: Formlabs Dental SG resin is the first Class 1 biocompatible resin for the desktop, designed for directly printing surgical guides used in implant surgery. "The possibilities of 3D Printing in dentistry is limitless. The most exciting thing in dentistry right now is digital technology. Gone are the days of the old fashioned gooey messy impression. When Form 2 came to my office I was able to print surgical guides, impression trays, bite guards, where before I used to have to send this out to the laboratory, wait two to three weeks and pay hundreds of dollars, and now I can print out a model within about an hour. Marrying the intraoral scan with digital CT technology allows me to predictably place an implant with minimal invasive procedures. Biocompatible surgical guides are critical for using in implant surgery, our patients are putting a lot of trust in us. Using a surgical guide increases the likelihood that the implant is going to be placed properly. When I take my instruments and start drilling through here, I can practice an actual surgical procedure on that 3D Printed model. So that way when I go to the mouth, I’ve already done it once. In my clinical practice, I place implants with ease and efficiency using a surgical guide. No more guessing, no more figuring it out as we go, only digital precision."

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